SEASON 24                                2015/2016



Quality Educators

SOSD offers fun, friendly classes to encourage growth, discipline, and exploration. Students are taught by a staff that includes professional dancers and teachers from college dance programs. The teaching staff continuously pursues education excellence by participating in continuing education. The staff learns new techniques, dance steps, and teaching approaches from the world’s foremost dancing professionals.

Classes for Everyone

SOSD offers classes for a wide range of ages, levels, and disciplines. Come join your neighbors from near and far in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. SOSD offers classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Modern, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Partnering, Combo Classes, and Hip Hop.

Mini Dancers in Class

Ballet Technique
A classical approach essentially based upon Vagonova technique. Class will consist of barre work, center, across the floor, comprehending vocabulary, melodic execution, and understanding correct placement and usage of the dancer’s own body.

Ballet is the Mother of all Dance -
Dancers who study ballet will find that it enhances all of their other dance skills.

Modern Dance Technique
A pedagogical class concentrating on modern pioneers including, Horton and Limon technique. Usage of fortifications and exercises will later be utilized into choreography.

Jazz Technique
Inspired by Jazz music, this class consists of warm- up, across the floor, combinations and choreography. There is an emphasis on flexibility, strength, and musicality with aspects of jazz including:

  • Musical Theatre - utilizing a Broadway or Movie Musical Song incorporating dance, characters and/or costumes.
  • Lyrical - encompassing the use of balance, flexibility and control utilizing the lyrics and feeling of the music.

This is a fun and energetic style using primarily hip-hop technique and moves.

Take a tumbling class this summer! Check our summer schedule for class times.

Uses controlled moves such as walkovers, limbers, handstands, chestrolls, etc. May contain gymnastic passes, flexibility moves, and/or contortionist moves.

Tap Technique
An understanding of the technique, with intricate footwork and comprehension of rhythmic sounds, precision and distinctness of movement. Class includes warm- up, across the floor, combinations, choreography and understanding of constituting history of tap.

Boys’ Classes
Male dancers are always welcome in all of our dance classes.  However, we do offer a very popular ‘all boys’ acro class.

Boy 3 250

Class Observation

Parents are invited to observe class during our “Peek Week” in early Spring. Look for exact dates for “Peek Week”. Periodically we open the door to share our progress with our families. We all enjoy showing our loved ones how hard we work and how much fun we are having!


Young Dancer 3

Fall Performance!

SOSD offers many performance opportunities. Both the SOSD Company and the Recreational program participate in our FALL Recital. After years of listening to parents and participating in Spring Recitals, Shannon O’Brien School of Dance discovered that a Recital Performance runs smoother when it is not competing with the end of the school year, the finish of sports and academics, and preparations for summer. See why our families Love a FALL Performance!

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